Winners in the ring and in the pail
New Arrivals
For Sale
New Arrivals 2019  ( Count - Girls 8, Boys 13)  
Singapore and River  (02/11/19)
Juniper and Bear (02/11/19)
Pie and Omega (02/11/19)
Blueberry  and Omega (02/11/19)
Sugar and Winter 02/25/19)
Prairie Rose and Sinatra  (02/27/19)
Scarlette and Billy  (03/10/19)
For Sale
Chokecherry and Lil Bit (03/18/19)
Felicity and Bear (03/30/19)
Cloudberry and Sinatra (04/03/19)
Mocha and Lil Bit (04/03/19)
Gemini and Winter (05/11/18)
Winter and Saffrina (01/25/19)
L50  For Sale Buckling $350
L51  For Sale Buckling $350
L53  For Sale Buckling $350
L1 Doe Retained
L54 For Sale Wether $100
L55 For Sale Buck $200
L56 For Sale Wether $100
L57 For Sale Wether $100
L3 Doe Retained
L58 For Sale Buck $300
L59 For Sale Buck $300
L4 Doe Retained
L9 Doe Retained
L61 For Sale Buck $250
L59 For Sale Buck $300
L60 For Sale Buck $250
L2 For Sale Doe $350
L62 For Sale Buck $250
L9 Doe Retained
L7 Doe Retained
L8 Doe Retained
L63 For Sale Buck $300
L63 For Sale Buck $300
L63 For Sale Buck $300
L10 Doe Retained
L11 Doe Retained
L66 Sold Weather