Winners in the ring and in the pail
Reference Does
DesertNanny BR Skittles (Blue Eyes)

Sire: DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S
_SS: Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *S
_SD: Caesar's Villa STS Bam-Bam
Dam: Desertnanny IM Bubble Gum 4*M
_DS: DesertNanny Icy Blue Ice Man *S
_DD: DesertNanny EC Blue Bunny 3*D

Show Record

Linear Appraisal
2012-  Young Stock V EC  V  V (Very Good)
2015 - + V E V 89 (Very Good)

Reproductive History
2014 - Triplets 2B, 1D
2015 - Twins 2B
2016 - Triplets 2B, 1D
Urban Acres PP Rosie's Yoko (Blue
Eyes) +

Sire: AGS NC Promisedland SS Ping Pong *S
_SS: AGS Promisedland CP Seymore Spots +*S
_SD:AGS Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 1*M
Dam:Urban Acres WC Yellow Rose VG
_DS: AGS NC Promisedland HS White Cloud *S
_DD: GCH AGS Urban Acres SD Blue Bonnet VG  

Show Record
NDGA –1 X 3rd
AGS - 1X 4th
ADGA - 1 X 2nd, 1 X 3rd, 1 X 4th

Linear Appraisal
2012 -+ E V + 84 (+ Good Plus)
2015 - Excused had not kidded

Reproductive History

2012 - Twins 2D
2013 -  1D
2014 - Twins 2D
2015 - 1B
2016 - Twins 1B,1D
Vista's HB Gooseberry VG

Sire: Alethia RR Honey Bear
_SS: Poppy Patch Rollick 'N' Roll VEV 87
_SD: SGCH/MCH Alegedi Farm DJ Honey Dew  
EEEE 91  5*M
Dam: Silver Creek GD QueenofHearts EEEV 90
_DS: Promisedland CP Gold Dust *S
_DD: 4 Fun Little Jambalaya 4*D

Show Record
NDGA –1 X 3rd
AGS - 1X 4th
ADGA - 1 X 2nd, 1 X 3rd, 1 X 4th

Linear Appraisal
2012 -+ E V + 85 (Very Good)

Reproductive History

2014 - 1
2015-  1D
2016 - 1D
Piddlin Acres PV Willa VG

Sire: Twin Creeks BW Peaceful Voyage *S VG
_SS: MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++ * S E
_SD: MCH Twin Creeks BH Mari's Zinniz 4* D E
Dam: Goodwill'O The Whisp E
_DS: Gay-Mor's Kingwood ++ *S
_DD: Goodwood Tennessee

Show Record

ADGA - 5 X's 1st,
2X's Grand Champion Sr
AGS-     3 X's 1st
1X Grand Champion Senior
NDGA - 1 X Grand Champion Jr
1 X Grand Champion Senior

AGS Classification 89.9 VG

One Beautiful Granddaughter - Champagne Ice
Steele Ballew Lilclove of Garlic (Blue
Eyes) VG

Sire: Munchranch Catus Jack
_SS: Woodhaven Farms Al Jolson
_SD: Dav-Lyn Glory’s Orion
Dam: MCH/PGCH JVJ Goldenseal Root VG
_DS: JVJ Oh Henry!
_DD: Deercreek Chestnut Tree’s Rosie *D

Show Record
ADGA - 3X's 1st, 3X's 2nd, 4X's - 3rd
AGS - 1X 1st, 1 X 2nd

Linear Appraisal
2009 - + E E V    88 (Very Good)
2010 - Excused Owner Option
2012 - Excused

Reproductive History

2007 - Single 1D
2008 - Twins 2B
2009 - Twins  1D, 1B
2010 - Triplets 3B
2011 - Quads 2D, 2B
2012 - Twins 1B, 1D
Thomas Kids EC Sugar  VVV+  83

Sire: Castle Rock Red Hot Saracha
_SS:Castle Rock Moonraker
_SD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 05-03  

Dam: Thomas Kids EC Abihail  VVV+84
_DS: Algedi Farm DJ Encore  VEV  86
CH AGS Joyful Hearts Esther  VEEE 89

Show Record


Linear Appraisal

Reproductive History

2019 - Twins 1B, 1D
2020 - Twins 1B, 1D
Desertnanny IM Bubble Gum +  4*D, 4*M
(Blue Eyes)

Sire:  DesertNanny Icy Blue Ice Man +*S,+*B
_SS: Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S, +B
_SD: Esperanza RF La Madrina *D 1*M AGS 88.5,
Dam: DesertNanny EC Blue Bunny 3*D 3*M
_DS:  DesertNanny Icy Blue Encore *B
_DD:  DesertNanny Angelica 2*D 2*M AR

Show Record


Linear Appraisal
2012 - A V V A  83 (+ Good Plus)

Reproductive History
2012 -Twins 2D
2013- Twins 2B
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