2015 National Show  
Redmond Oregon
We decided to go to the ADGA National Show this year for the first time since it was going to be in Redmond
Oregon.  Since I would have to use most of my vacation for this show we decided to only attend the OC fair this

Classes were huge 40+. We justed wanted to make the cut and did better than we had hoped, 7th and 10th. Our
yearlings did very well in their classes.  Snickers (Jr. Yearling) was 7th in a 40+ class.Blue Sky (Sr. Yearling) was
10th in a 30+ class. What a fantastic road trip.

The National Show was a fantastic experience!! Both of us definitely have the "bug".  Below are some of the
pictures of the trip and the show. Will post some of the professional pics when my order arrives.