Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Located in beautiful North San Diego
County, California.
Dairy, Companion, Brush-Clearing and Show Winners!

We breed for animals that are correct in conformation,
competitive in the show ring and excel in milk production. We
also breed for calm, loving temperaments, healthy animals, a
rainbow of colors and occasionally blue eyes.

Our bloodlines include local herd names such as , Sunrise
Farm, Urban Acres Farm, Alethia and Eagle River Farm  as well
as herd names from all over the U.S. Such as Twin Creeks,
Piddlin Acres, Desertnanny, Flat Rocks, Woodhaven Farms,
Prairie Wood, Rosasharn, Gay-Mor,  Goodwood, and Castle

We hope that you enjoy the website as much as we enjoy our

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2016 was another fantastic year for us. Due to my starting a
new job we were only able to go to two shows this year.  We
had awesome performance at those shows! At the Orange     
Country  Fair Currant (Raspberry) was Jr.  Champion and Best
Doe in Show.   Our Senior Does Blackberry and Momo were in
the line-up for Senior Champion. At AV Fair Currant was Jr.
Champion and Mocha was Reserve Jr. Champion. Milky Way
and Momo were in the line-up for Senior Champion. Milky Way
was the Reserve Sr. Champion.  She also earned her
permanent championship this year.

1X Junior Champion and Best In Show Current (Raspberry)

1X Junior Champion  (ADGA/AGS) - Current

1X Junior Reserve Jr. Champion (ADGA/AGS) - Mocha

1X 1st Place 5 Yrs + - Blackberry

1X Sr. Reserve Champion  - Milky Way

3 X 1st Place 4 Yrs  - Momo

We had our Linear Appraisal session on 6/08/17. It was a
fantastic learning experience. Thank you ADGA for providing
this program.  What a great way to learn about your herd! Our
Appraiser told us our  herd is extremely consistent and each
generation is an improvement.  It was just what we wanted to

News Flash

This year for the first time we are going to collect our bucks!

CAE and CL Negitive Herd
Vista's Nigerian Dwarf
Dairy Goats
Jessica, David, Ivan and Alice Allen
Northern San Diego County, CA
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