Winners in the ring and in the pail
New Arrivals
For Sale
New Arrivals 2018  ( Count - Girls 14  : Boys 14 )  
Saphira and Winter  (01/31/18)
Singapore and Patriot (02/16/18)
K6 Doeling Retained
K4 BucklingRetained
K5 Doeling Retained
K1 Buckling Sold
K2 Doeling Retained
K3 Doeling Retained
Shanghai and Bear (03/07/18)
K50 Buckling For Sale  $400
Panda and X (03/10/18)
K51  Wether For Sale  $100
Jambalya and Bear  (03/17/18)
K52 Wether Sold
K7 Doeling For Sale $450
K8 Doeling For Sale $450
Caper and Hoss  (03/30/18)
K53 Wether Sold
K54  Buckling Retained
K9 Doeling Retained
Chokecherry and Lil Bit  (04/09/18)
K10 Doeling Retained
K55 Buckling Retained
Mocha and Lil Bit  (04/19/18)
Doeling K11 For Sale $450
Buckling K56 For Sale $450
For Sale
Milky Way  and Winter (04/29/18)
Buckling K58 For Sale $450
Doeling K12 Retained
Cayenne  and River (05/03/18)
Buckling K58 Retained
Doeling K13 Retained
Current and Mufasa (04/30/18)
Wether K60 For Sale $100
Doeling K14 For Sale $450
Wether K59 For Sale $100
Ivy and River (05/10/18)
Doeling K15 Retained
Gemini and Winter (05/11/18)
Doeling K16 Retained
Wether K62 For Sale $100
Wether K61 For Sale $100