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We offer 4H , FFA and multiple purchase discounts, and can even
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Vista's Mu Blue Lyra (Yearling) - For Sale $300
(Sire:  Double Sundog GS Mulisha  VEE 88 X Dam: CH Vista's  HB MIilky Way  VVV+ 85
Vista's CRC Hinata - Sold Thanks JP(Exposed to Rosasharn CB Wnter's Ballad
(Sire:  CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B X Dam: Vista's HB Momo)
Vista's CRC Felecity - Sold Thanks JP
(Sire:  CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B X Dam: EAGLE RIVER EMILEE)
Vista's Vista's CRT Harbin  For Sale $250
(Sire: Castle Rock Tornado  VVE 86 X Dam: Vista's SH Shenyang   VEVV 88
Vista's CRC Goldie -  $250
(Sire:  CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B X Dam: Desertnanny  BR Skittles)