Winners in the ring and in the pail
Thank you for visiting us. We are located in
Northern San Diego County where we raise  
registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Our
menagerie also contains two Great Pyrennes, a
Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frise and two cats. We
have raised Dairy Goats since 1999. Jessica
bought Tango in 2005 (our first Nigerian- thank
you Marla)  and we fell in love with Nigerian Dairy
Goats.  We now have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf  
Dairy Goats who all get the treats and attention
they crave. We strive for a well balanced, healthy
herd, free of common diseases who  do well in
the show ring and milk pail.

We will have kids born from February- July this
coming year. Click on the For Sale page for  info,
or view our kidding chart.

We are using 7 bucks this season

Alethia RR Honey Bear -  Dairy, long, wide and
very smoothly blended. Many of his daughters
have been consistently first in their classes (CH
Vista's Milky Way , Vista's R2D2, Vista's Black
Bottom Pie, Vista's Momo, Vista's Caper , Vista's
Padme and Vista's Tsunada ).  He has produced
one finished champion Milky Way.  Many of Bear's
daughters that are in various stages of  finishing
their championships (Momo, Black Bottom Pie,
R2D2 and Caper) . He is definitely an "udder
buck". He has made a huge difference in
our herd.

Eagle River Red Bull  (Blue Eyes) - A wonderful
boy. I can't say enough good things about him.  
He  is so long and wide with a great topline and
extremely dairy.  I used him on two first
fresheners last year and I really liked the results
(unfortunately they were bucks).

CFR Castle Rock Cobalt (Blue Eyes) - Cobalt is a
long wide bodied boy with good depth and width.  
He is a gentleman with all of his girls. This is the
third year that we are using him. He has deep
blue eyes.

Double Sundog Mulisha (Mufasa) (Blue Eyes) -
Full Brother to CH Double Sundog Patriot. He is
long, wide and his topline is like a table top.  We
used him on 3 does last year and I really liked the

Piddlin Acres UBET URboots -  Boots has a great
front end assembly, long neck, smoothly blended
and high, sharp withers. Boots has a wonderful
topline and super flat rump. He's long bodied with
lots of depth.  He has wonderful milk and show
lines. We will bred Blackberry and her bear
daughter to him this year.

Castle Rock Pyrocumulus - We acquired Pyro this
year. He is a son of GCH CRF Castle Rock Black
Ice. He is so level and correct. Lots of length,
depth and width throughout.  Pyro is also very
gentle. I will be using Pyro with some of my first
fresheners can't wait to see what he produces.
Thanks Marie for letting me have him.

Castle Rock Romancer - Jess and I decided after
seeing Romancer at Owlhaven Farm that we
wanted to bred Blackberry and Momo to him. He
is a very promising young buck with wonderful
genetics. Fortunately Marie was willing to let
them go on a double date with him.  I am
extremely excited to see the results of these

MCH/GCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 5D (Bear's
Linear Appraisal EEEE 91

Please  contact us with any questions


Our goats either are or can be registered with
Where's David?

David taking a break waiting at Jena's for
Linear Appraisal.  
Jess - San Diego Fair 2010

This is what it is all about, educating the
public about the breed
Finally a girl!!
Jess and Mayu Antelope Valley Fair
Relaxing before the show
Ivan lends a hand
Thanks Loren for all of your help !
The boys Venture and Sinatra
Sienna and baby
Queeny, Blackberry, Momo and Gooseberry
Yoko Lounging at one of the fairs
Suri with babies
Baby Love...One of Milky Ways.